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To Take Back, We Need To Give Back...
When we started the journey to create American Patriot™ and American Patriot Light™ , one of our concerns was the potential loss to all of the great local charities and local chapters of national charities that could get lost when local companies and jobs are lost. Many of the people involved in our development are either lifelong St. Louis area residents or have lived here for a long time.

We recognize (and we believe that our customers and supporters recognize) that The All American Beer Company is a start-up company and faced with the challenges of many start ups. We are not yet profitable though we are working hard to reach a point where the company is profitable. No one can predict for sure when we will become profitable. It could take a year or two or even three years to reach a point of being profitable. We believe, that with the support of the men and women of this region showing support for us and our products, we will reach that place sooner than later. That is why we decided that one of the things important to the people involved who own, operate and work for and with American Patriot™ is that we give back to America. Even if we may not yet be profitable, we believe we will get there and that is why we make the commitment in a public way that when we become profitable we will give 25% of our net profits back to America and, specifically right now to the St. Louis Area and one or more of the Charitable Causes that need support.

There are so many good and worthy charitable causes in the St. Louis area, we at American Patriot™ want to do our homework to ensure that the charities we ultimately target to donate a portion of our profits are credible and legitimate causes. Also, we have no desire to donate to charities that might cause ill feelings among our neighbors and supporter due to the political or social agenda or message from any given charitable organization. For that reason, we will research the many charities in the St. Louis Area. As we narrow these to a final 10 or so for consideration, we will post them on our Web Site for you to express your opinion about where you would like to see American Patriot™ donate a portion of our profits. After all, your choice of American Patriot™ products will generate the profits for us to make these donations, when we reach that point of being profitable. Within these guidelines and with your input, our Management will choose the charities to support with our profits.

American Patriot™ will keep this commitment for the next 5 years before we re-evaluate our commitment. When The All American Beer Company becomes profitable, as it believes it will, it will donate 25% of its net profits to up to ten charities selected as described above. Net Profits, for purposes of this Charitable Donation Program, means before tax profits according to generally accepted accounting principles. The All American Beer Company, LLC reserves the right to modify the terms of this Charitable Donation Policy from time to time and the changed policy will be posted here.

If you should have any questions about this Charitable Donation Policy or our Website features, please contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .
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