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In Late 2008, a group of friends that live in St. Louis watched its largest brewery fall to a hostile takeover. They went on a quest to find an American lager, in doing so discovered that the other two major brewers had been purchased similarly. Shocked to discover that the three major beer icons were no longer American controlled, they were Heartbroken so they started drinking craft beers and enjoyed some of them, but found this was not the flavor they were thirsting for. It was time to do something about it and start the All American Beer Company.

Understanding that taste is what consumers care about most; they immediately started working on two beer recipes. A full flavor and a light calorie beer. In talking with their friends and co-workers, they found that many others shared their sentiments about looking for a new beer that was American owned but tasted as good or better than the beers offered by the big three breweries at a comparable price.

The group of friends began the process of immersing themselves in learning about the beer brewing process and why beers taste the way they do. They started off across America meeting every American brewer they could meet to help them brew their recipe. Understanding the volume that would be needed, they had to align themselves with several breweries that could meet the demand they were anticipating.

After three years of testing and experimentation, they found the unique taste they were seeking. They tested it first among friends, co-workers and acquaintances. Then they tested it with independent consumer focus groups. After their recipe was chosen over the three most popular beer brands, time and time again, they realized that they had a hit on their hands.

After keeping this all under wraps for three years, The All American Beer Company is now proud to present, American Patriot and American Patriot Light. Both are clean, crisp and very refreshing American lagers that you can now be proud to drink. This is no craft beer. We love the taste and we feel you will agree. Try it for yourself and help us "Take Back America…One Beer at a Time!".

In order to "Take Back" America - We felt we needed to "Give Back" to America. We wanted to do our part - so we are now giving back to 25% of our net profits back to America. We hope you will join us in "Giving Back" to America... One Beer at a Time!
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