THANK YOU for your interest in the American Patriot™ Website and our products. We believe that it is everyone should play a part in making sure that all of us stay safe when drinking alcohol.

  1. IF YOU ARE NOT OF LEGAL AGE, DON'T DRINK ALCOHOL. Each State has legal ages. It is against the law to drink alcohol if you are not of the legal drinking age.

  2. DRINK RESPONSIBLY AND DON’T ABUSE OR MISUSE ALCOHOL. Drinking age is an age of responsibility. Drinking alcohol is an adult and responsible choice. So if you have been drinking do not put yourself and others at risk of harm or injury by misusing or abusing alcohol or driving drunk. If you have been drinking use a designated driver, or call a friend or a taxicab to drive you home so you do not drink and then drive after drinking alcohol.

  3. LOOK OUT FOR THE SAFETY OF OTHERS. Step up and don’t let friends or family members drive drunk. This could mean telling them that should pass on another drink. You might offer to drive them home, or call a taxi cab for them. It definitely means not encouraging or enabling underage drinking.

  4. IF YOU THINK YOU MIGHT HAVE AN ALCOHOL PROBLEM, CHECK IT OUT AND GET HELP. If you, or a family member, loved one or friend shows signs of an alcohol problem or dependence on alcohol, seek help to check out or encourage them to seek help. There are lots of options of organizations and professionals that assist and support people to assess whether a person has an alcohol abuse or dependence problem and direct them to ways to address any problem that exists.

  5. IF YOU ARE UNDERAGE, BUT APPROACHING LEGAL DRINKING AGE, TALK TO YOUR PARENTS OR GUARDIANS. One of the transitions of maturing is when you reach or are about to reach the legal drinking age. We encourage young people that are approaching legal drinking age to talk to their parents or guardians about responsible drinking and how to make adult and safe decisions about when and how to drink alcohol in a responsible manner.
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