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AMERICAN PATRIOT BEER LAUNCHED IN ST. LOUIS MARKET Brewers of new American-made lager plan on “Taking Back America, One Beer at a Time”

With “Taking Back America, One Beer at a Time” its battle cry, The All American Beer Company, Inc. has launched American Patriot Beer™ (APB) and American Patriot Light™ in the St. Louis market.

“We are excited and proud to introduce American Patriot Beer and American Patriot Light to a community that really values outstanding, American-made beer,” said John Beal, Chief Executive Officer of The All American Beer Company. “We encourage St. Louisans to send out an APB to all their friends, declare their independence from foreign owned beer companies, and join us in ‘Taking Back America, One Beer at a Time.’”

Now available at St. Louis area Dierbergs, Schnucks and Shop ‘n Save stores and select local bars and restaurants, American Patriot Beer is an American-made, full-bodied lager featuring a golden color, subtle aroma of malts, hops, citrus and fruit, and a crisp, clean finish.

Light in style but heavy on taste, American Patriot Light has a light golden color, equally light body and a refreshingly fast finish with only 102 calories.

Following three years of development and testing, American Patriot and American Patriot Light are excited to be launching in our own home town.

They are distributed locally by Glazer’s, are competitively priced, and are available in 12 ounce bottles and cans.

Backed by an aggressive and expansive marketing and advertising campaign including television, radio, print, billboards and social media platforms, APB also has several special promotions planned as well as events that give back to the community.

“American Patriot Beer is not a craft beer or a home-brewed beer,” Beal said. “It is a great tasting American lager. Our intent is to introduce American Patriot Beer in our hometown, a town once known for American-made beer.”

Beal, a native of St. Louis and longtime local businessperson, said his decision to form The All-American Beer Company and launch American Patriot Beer was a careful one following the sale of several large American beer companies to foreign entities.

“We are definitely passionate about our message to drink American beer,” said Beal. “But that message would be lost if we did not have a great product to offer people who are looking for an affordable, great tasting beer to drink. We love this beer and we think beer drinkers of every stripe will be delighted to have an authentic, American-brewed beer to call their own.”

About American Patriot Beer

The All American Beer Company was born in St. Louis, Missouri. American Patriot Beer and American Patriot Light are as strong and straightforward as the American spirit. Declare you independence. American Patriot Beer and American Patriot Light. “Taking Back America… One Beer at a Time.”
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